get real and read the wheel

from by WadeWorm

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they love an effort they / torn to shred cruel fate / toss the bones and read what the letters say

Forcing this horse to keep course might make him die / I circa survive, same way different night no it ain't a surprise / decided derision better course than a teeth kick / saw the bill and we split see how thick the reeds get / shout to all and reespect boots press down on these necks / lock the larder we checked break it down like a bees nest / baby we stress and I know it's tough but the main point is we dint know enough / no gold in us yet I feel the luster / shine on my mind no upper cruster / cherry lines tend to come in clusters / wander through the different paths the brain makes then have a laugh / pass it back through the entryway locked in a cell the hell you say / worm go for it I can tell you wait / for some conniver to sell you fate / but the menu stays the same no matter which wing you dine in / someone lost we got to find them they forgot we must remind them / clever is dumb in time and those you love will keep you blinded / where do I end and the pain begin almost as if we were made to sin / thrown into this with no interest how the fuck god expect us to make payments

They love an effort they, they love no better weight / torn to shred cruel fate none better make us great / toss the bones and read what the letters say x2 / Limp toward the goal / grit and determination are the only things making it possible / stumble toward your dream / admit to yourself that this life more difficult than they made it seem

Odd prophets come in camocloaks won't you know it / always been ensconced in dopeness / I'm just glad you decided to notice / memorize lies make sure you take notes bitch / got no breath, when behind the glass no reflection of the bitter past / love life lost won't get it back gotta stay hammering while the heart attacks / defensive when he met us, that baphomet baffled by the depth we sank / lookin for methods to make a plane tank think we got it collected cause we do what they can't / wrap in vestments now call me a saint for the final stroke now I shut down the gates / ain't no escape from a judgment day composed that plan in the light dismayed / right did say that the left hand path might bring disaster I just had to laugh / cause they don't seem to know that once the gate is opened / it's almost as if their minds move in molasses motion / coastin, flames lick up just their luck we are all getting roasted

They love an effort they, they love no better weight / torn to shred cruel fate none better make us great / toss the bones and read what the letters say x2 / make me admit to you / the secrets of my lost society ripe to be consumed / see the wheel spin / reality's a hologram tearing at the seams once again

Accept your fate / you must accept your fate / accept your fate, no matter what the letters say


from Jouska, released March 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Wormwood Missoula, montana

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