We Give it for Cheap

by Wormwood

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My first mixtape, arranged by WW and all that. Kind of an eclectic collection of all the stuff I've been working on for the past ~6 months


released July 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Wormwood Missoula, montana

couldn't tell you

had to show you

we are a part of each other


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Track Name: Flaws and Death, Handled Lightly
Craft mixtures, ticks inside of the scriptures / could never fix me or any of fissures / yeah it's murky, bizarre but never berzerky, / so I ain't gettin' mad though it's highly probable that you will hurt me / But if you happen to figure me weak / I'll hold your hand like Chandler, this the biggest sleep / that you're ever gonna take if you make the decision / to pursue a course so deplored, just cause some vision / seemed to indicate that you got potential but / all of those omens were like purely coincedental / most of your mental energy might be better spent promoting synergy / yeah I mean, fusing with another bent / I'm pretty sure my brain wants to fucking kill me so / even in a dream I will be ducking yeah he'll be / pursuing my ruin all cause I ruined his day / cerebrally I am strained, and the concrete is stained / Don't have enough blood left to truly complain / all I got's hollow veins and a full stomach / lying down on the ground thinking about the world and who runs it

And also my function / yeah um, I don't really have one / seems my major goal is generate income / ask an EMT honey 'could you please please pump my tummy / give it to someone in need, that'd be kinda funny.' / As a death wish I'd much rather be humorous / than having all my friends and family around me tell me 'you the shit' / Oh wow, that really helps me now / something to think about as they put me in the ground / oh wait, I can't, Worm is food for the ants / and their families, my skill's and ill quintuple whammy / open me up like a tome, a story told historically / even though I am so cold, they still want to go to war with me? / Ha, well I wouldn't advise that / you oughta take your mind back, it's giving bad advice like how I remind cats / of their lame little brother trying to rap / spitting awkward bars over snaps / of what, of my carpals / write for awhile but, never leave a mark though / hearts fold like bad hand card houses / I got the swagger of another kind of dude who's always doubtless so I'm / moving forward perpetually / I'm this sick after a year, man it questions veterancy / like does it really matter how long you spit hood / when a kid from Montana's already spitting this good / with little experience / see the Worm inching through the dirt being all like 'ahem, can you hear me bitch?' / If not you better try, and try again / and try and try and try and try and try again, no / matter your thickheadedness, I'm still producing better shit / during my morning constitutional / I can feel it in my cuticles, they feel me in the cubicles / cause that's where I am headed / go anywhere to catch a check and be a little less indebted / I'd play your favorite cousin's motherfucking bar mitzvah / to prove I got it on lox, my bagel bars are the sickest bruh / take a taste